2019 Annual General Meeting election results

The following office bearers were elected at the recent Annual General Meeting

PRESIDENT               Shane Gossner


SECRETARY             Danni White

TREASURER             Lawrie Moynihan

COMMITTEE              Mark Coogan, Jy Cruice, Jason McMahon, Andrew Gallpen

Brisbane West Constitution 2014

At the recent Annual General Meeting the new Brisbane West Constitution was approved.


BWRB By-Laws 2014 - Draft

Watch this space

BWRB Objects of the Association

The objects of the association are -

  1. To be a member of Baseball Queensland Inc. or any other incorporated organization which the committee may see fit to join.

  2. To be a means by which member clubs can be affiliated with and participate in any activity sanctioned by Baseball Queensland Inc.

  3. To promote, coordinate and oversee the selection of the Regional teams for external competitions.

  4. To promote and coordinate baseball competition among member Clubs within the Region.

  5. To promote and support any other sporting or community objective for member Clubs within the Region.