U16's Roster for 2017 State Titles in Cairns

Congratulations to the following players and staff for their selection in representing the 2017 Brisbane West Regional Baseball Wolves in Cairns at State Titles!

U16 Staff
Manager - Shane Gossner (Western Districts)
Assistant Coach - Karen Gallpen (Southern Stars)
Pitching Coach - Damien Neale (Western Districts)
EO - Hayley Cruice (Ipswich)
Umpire - Mark Coogan (Western Districts)
Scorer - Ann Morgan (Western Districts)

Kebbell, Wilkin
Townsley, Nate
Pinker, Toby
Merson, Zac
Ikeda, Takumi
Coogan, Andrew
Sloane, Mitch
O'Brien, Brock
Meleka, Matthew
Rasmussen, Aiden
Gossner, Kouper
Moynihan, Joseph
Cruice, Billy
Redding, Bryden
Moffat, Lilly
Lilley, Ryan

2017 Wolves Little League State Titles Team


Cooper Adams
Henry Doyle
Oliver Edwards
Jake Ferguson
Jackson Hall
Gohki Ikeda
Joshua Marshall
Rhys McMahon
Hunter Mulder
William Paddison
Max Skerrett
Rhys Stenzel
Ethan Suthers
Robbie Thatcher
Brendan White

Manager                   Jason McMahon
Assistant Coach       David Paddison
Executive Officer     Sharon Skerrett
Scorer                      Tracey Suthers & Kylie Stenzel
Umpire                     Doug Washington

2017 Wolves Junior League State Titles Team


Kouper Gossner
Tyler Knapp
Zac Merson
Joseph Moynihan
Cameron Neale
Toby Pinker
James Porter
Aiden Rasmussen
Bryden Redding
Mitchell Sloane
Jarmaine Teio
Lincoln Thompson
Nate Townsley

Manager                Shane Gossner
Assistant Coach    Damian Neale
Executive Officer  Richard Pinker
Scorer                    Anne Morgan
Umpire                  Roger Thompson or Trystan Alexander  (TBC)

2017 Wolves Senior League State Titles Team


Aidan Alexander
Ben Beikoff
Andrew Coogan
Billy Cruice
Taitem Fairley
Wilkin Kebbell
Max Lanza
Euan Miles
Daniel Mitchell
Jeremey Suthers
Campbell Twigg
Julian Wilson

Manager                  Rodney Gaunt
Assistant Coach      Brad Schneider
Assistant Coach      Mark Coogan
Executive Officer     Peter Twigg
Scorer                      Wendy Gaunt
Umpire                     David Carr